Advanced Bioorganic Chemistry

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Sekine Mitsuo  Seio Kohji  Yuasa Hideya 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture


Bioorganic chemistry related to 窶彙io activity窶 as well as advanced organic chemistry necessary for the study of bioscience and biotechnology is expounded.

Purpose of lecture

In addition to analyze bioorganic molecules and/or organic molecules, their synthesis is a next critical step to take advantage of these molecules in a more positive way. Actually, derivatives of these molecules, which are solely obtained by the artificial synthesis, often prove much more useful than the original biomolecules. In this lecture, such an essential field of organic chemistry, i.e., how to construct and design our own biomolecules, will be discussed.

Plan of lecture

1. Introduction, what are molecular recognitions?
2. Molecular recognition of enzymes (1)
3. Molecular recognition of enzymes (2)
4. Molecular recognition of enzymes (3)
5. Synthesis and design of small biomolecules (1)
6. Synthesis and design of small biomolecules (2)
7. New trends in organic synthesis (1)
8. New trends in organic synthesis (2)
9. New trends in organic synthesis (3)
10. New trends in organic synthesis (4)
11. Synthesis of classical prostaglandins
12. Synthesis of new prostaglandins and other cyclopentanoids

Textbook and reference

Necessary stuff for this class will be provided by the lecturers.


Attendance and reports (and possibly examination?)

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