Nuclear Energy Systems

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Iio Shunji  Takahashi Minoru 
Thr7-8(蜴溯ャ523North No.25F-523)  
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Fall Semester

Purpose of lecture

An introductory course is given to the nuclear power reactor systems including fission power reactors and fusion reactors. Fundamental principles governing nuclear fission chain reactions and fusion are described in a manner that renders the transition to practical nuclear reactor design methods. Also future nuclear reactor systems are discussed with respect to generation of energy, fuel breeding, incineration of radio-active materials and safety.

Plan of lecture

1. Nuclear processes; fission chain reactions
2. Nuclear power reactors
3. Fusion reactions
4. Plasma and magnetic confinement
5. Reactor physics, kinetics, fuel burnup
6. Nuclear heat energy removals, power reactor design principles
7. Boiling Water Reactors and Pressurized Water Reactors
8. Other nuclear power reactors
9. Fast Breeder Reactors
10. Self-Consistent Nuclear Energy System
11. Fundamentals of fusion reactors
12. Fusion reactor design

Textbook and reference

Not be fixed R.L. Murray,"Nuclear Energy", Pergamon Press 1993.
A.E. Walter and A.B. Reynolds ,"Fast Breeder Reactors", Pergamon Press 1981.
W.M. Stacey,Jr.,"Fusion", John Wiley & Sons 1981.


Based on the record of attendance and participation to discussion.

Comments from lecturer

Anyone without background of nuclear reactor engineering are welcome..

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