Nuclear Reactor Physics

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Obara Toru 
Mon8-10(蜴溽蕗North No.2 5F-521)  
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Outline of lecture

To facilitate the understanding on the nuclear reactors, explanatory lectures are given on the neutron behavior and fission reactions in English.

Purpose of lecture

This class aims the understanding of fundamental theory of nuclear fission chain by neutrons and nuclear transmutations, which is a fundamental principal of nuclear reactors.

Plan of lecture

1.Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear Cross Sections
2.The Multiplication factor and Nuclear Criticality
3.Neutron Transport Equation
4.The One-Speed Nuclear Diffusion Equation
5.The One-Speed Diffusion Model of a Nuclear Reactor(1)
6.The One-Speed Diffusion Model of a Nuclear Reactor(2)
7.Multigroup Diffusion Theory
8.Perturbation theory
9.Nuclear Reactor Kinetics
10.Neutron Spectrum (1) Neutron Slowing Down in Infinite Medium
11.Neutron Spectrum (2) Resonance Absorption
12.Neutron Spectrum (3) Neutron Slowing Down and Diffusion
13.Neutron Spectrum (4) Heteroginious Effect
14.Core Burnup (1) Effect of Fission Products
15.Core Burnup (2) Burnup Calculation, Reactivity Control, Reactivity Feedback

Textbook and reference

John R. Lamarsh, "Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Theory", Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. (1965).
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Related and/or prerequisite courses

Students who have the credits of "Nuclear Reactor Theory" can not get the credits of this class.


Homework and examination

Contact Information

E-mail: tobaraツシ (Toru Obara)

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