Plasma Science

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Akatsuka Hiroshi  Aoki Takayuki 
Mon3-4(蜴溽蕗 North No.2 5F-521)  
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Fall Semester

Purpose of lecture

This subject aims to introduce fundamental physics of plasmas and their applications.This lecture also covers experimental methods to generate plasmas, diagnostics, fundamental equations to describe weakly ionized plasmas, applications for material processing, and high density plasmas.

Plan of lecture

1. Fundamentals of plasmas I (plasma frequency, Debye shielding, etc.)
2. Fundamentals of plasmas II (Maxwell's equation, mean free path, etc.)
3. Experimental methods to generate plasmas
4. Atomic and molecular processes in plasmas
5. Diagnostics of plasmas I - probes
6. Diagnostics of plasmas II - spectroscopic and optical methods
7. Fundamental equations to describe weakly ionized plasmas
8. Physical properties of weakly ionized plasmas
9. Applications of weakly ionized plasmas for material processing
10. Fundamentals of high density plasmas
11. Generations of high density plasmas
12. Applications of high density plasmas

Textbook and reference

Textbook is prepared by the instructors.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Basic knowledge of atomic physics or physical chemistry of undergraduate level is necessary. That of electromagnetic theory is also mandatory.


Report and record of attendance

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