Energy Systems and Environment

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Kato Yukitaka 
Tue7-8(蜴溯シェ-2 North No.1 3F-301)  
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

01.The lecture is given on the impact of energy use imposed on the environment. Advanced energy systems and efficient energy conversion systems are also introduced.
02.Effects of Fossil Fuel Burning on the Global Environment

General Aspects of Energy and Environmental Problems
Advanced Energy Conversion Technologies

Purpose of lecture

The lecture is to provide knowledge of advanced energy systems for the sustainable global environment. A variety of energy sources and usage systems, related thermodynamics and transport phenomena in the systems, and the possibility of the systems are discussed. The feasibility of renewable and nuclear energy systems, and technologies for energy conversion, and also the studies on hydrogen production and fuel cell are provided.

Plan of lecture

02.Trend of energy consumption and new energy resources
03.Energy density and energy conversion
04.Evaluation of energy system (1): Energy
05.Evaluation of energy system (2): Life cycle assessment
06.Global warming and heat island phenomenon
07.Energy storage and transportation technologies
08.Energy transformation technologies
09.Advanced renewable energy system
10.Advanced nuclear energy system
11.Advanced thermal energy conversion system
12.Heat pump system
13.Hydrogen production and hydrogen energy system
14.Development of Fuel cell
15.Advanced fuel reforming

Textbook and reference

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