Nuclear Materials Science

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Yano Toyohiko 
Thr3-4(蜴溽蕗 North No.2 5F-521)  
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

01.Engineering of nuclear fuels and materials is lectured.
02.Components of LWR, HWR, LMFBR reactors and material selection

Crystal Chemistry and Crystalline Defects
Radiation Damage of Materials
Chemical Properties of UO2 and PuO2
Fabrication Process of Nuclear Fuels

Purpose of lecture

This is the only lecture concerning materials issues, including nuclear fuels and incore materials, of nuclear fission and fusion reactors. The basis is materials science. The topics including are: manufacturing methods of nuclear fuels, structures of fuels and fuel elements, moderators, control materials, blanket materials, and structual materials. Another emphasis is put on fundamentals of radiation damage and irradiation effects of nuclear reactor materials.

Plan of lecture

01.Type of nuclear reactors, Nuclear fuels, Basic technical terms
02.Fuel elements of light water reactor, heavy water reactor and fast breeder reactor, structure of fuel assembly
03.Manufacturing method and physical and chemical properties of nuclear fuels
04.Manufacturing method and properties of fuel cladding materials
05.Manufacturing method and properties of fuel coating for high temperature gas cooled reactor
06.Irradiation effects of reactor materials
07.Basic crystal chemistry of inorganic materials
08.Crystalline defects
09.Interaction of nuclear radiation and matters, Models of radiation effects
10.Fundamental radiation effects on property changes
11.Irradiation effects on reactor materials

Textbook and reference

Benjamin M. Ma,窶廸uclear reactor materials and applications窶,
縲縲Van Nostrand Reinhold Campany, New York 1983. C. K. Gupta, ""Materials in Nuclear Energy Applications,
縲縲Vol. I, II"", CRC Press, Boca Raton 1989.


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