Advanced Geotechnical Engineering

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Pipatpongsa Thirapong 
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Outline of lecture

Theory of plasticity is used to describe mechanical behaviors of granular materials in many engineering and industrial applications. Sand, agricultural grains and chemical particles are granule in nature. Therefore, inelastic responses of granular media are important in construction, storage and process. This course provides the advanced subject in Geomechanics and Powder mechanics to understand load transfer mechanisms and predict stress distributions. Analytical methods based on a framework of continuum mechanics focusing on arching effect are given with applications to retaining wall, slope, dune, silo and hopper.

Purpose of lecture

This lecture provides fundamental concepts of arching effect in granular media to those who are interested in design and analysis of the retained structures for appliations in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

Plan of lecture

1 Introduction
2 Stress and strength on a slip plane
3 Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion
4 Rotation of stress components
5 Equilibrium conditions
6 Lamテゥ-Maxwell equations of equilibrium
7 Active arch action in silo
8 Active arch action in hopperr
9 Active arch action in retaining wall
10 Active arch action in sand heap
11 Passive arch action in sand heap
12 Pre-test (content No.1-No.6)
13 Passive arch action across orifice
14 Passive arch action in inclined channel
15 Passive arch action in undercut slope

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Comments from lecturer

The content of this course was developed in 2009 after collecting knowledge about soil arching from many books and papers. I found that the topic on arch action is suitable to teach in a graduate program of the International Development Engineering Department because its broaden applications can cover multidiscipline of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Three years have been spent to achieve experimentally realizable theories with actual engineering practice to open-pit mining.

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