Architectural Tour

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Fujioka Hiroyasu 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

A tour to visit famous buildings and sites in Japan for a week for better understanding of Japanese architecture and culture; Kyoto and Nara will be its locations.

Purpose of lecture

This tour is solely for the international students in the International Graduate Program. It is a tour to help the students to better understand Japanese traditional architecture visiting old areas in Kansai district including Nara, Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures.

Plan of lecture

As it is a week tour, it is to be held in late March. Its visiting sites are historically and architectural famous old buildings in the region, some of which are not accessible to ordinary tourists. Its detailed information will be shown later as the professor in charge of the tour should need preliminary negotiations with the administrators of each site.

Textbook and reference

PDF files on Japanese traditional architecture due to be given out from the professor

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Architectural Workshop 1


By full attendance and discussions with the professor on site

Contact Information

email: fujioka.h.aaツシ

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