Architectural Workshop I

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Fujioka Hiroyasu  Tsukamoto Yoshiharu 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

Needed information to grasp an understanding for traditional architecture and cities in Japan and methods to analyze modern architecture and cities in Japan are offered with tours.

Purpose of lecture

This class is for the international students in the International Graduate Course to get basic and sufficient information on the history and the present of Tokyo and a history of Japanese traditional architecture.

Plan of lecture

The class consists of two parts; the first part in charge of Prof. Fujioka deals with a history of Tokyo (its former name is Edo), a brief history of Japanese traditional architecture, its second part in charge of Prof. Tsukamoto lets the students to know what is going on in Tokyo and how to analyze it. Fujioka's part has a series of lectures and two brief tours in Tokyo. Thukamoto's part is a series of tours surveying Tokyo with his lectures on site. More information will be shown at the guidance for Desing Course of the Department of Architecture and the first session of the class on October 15.

Textbook and reference

For the first part, the students will get PDF information for each lecture sent from Prof. Fujioka via the Internet.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Architectural Tour held in late March in Kansai district (Nara, Kyoto, and Shiga)


The class grade is evaluated by two reports shown by each professor.

Contact Information

email: fujioka.h.aaツシ

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