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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

In this seminar, various themes regarding architectural technology will be dealt with from a viewpoint of contemporary architectural design, and of our current experience and context here in Japan.

Papers, presentations, and discussion will be based on assigned readings in English, which will differ each semester. Participation and regular attendance in seminar are necessary and required to receive credit.

Meetings take place weekly on Thursday mornings, beginning with the first Thursday in the October (autumn) Term.

Purpose of lecture


Plan of lecture

The first class meeting will take place in the third-floor kaigishitsu in the Kenchiku-to (Architecture Building) in Midorigaoka on Thursday, October 7th at 10:40 AM. If the door is closed, please fetch the key from Yasuda Kenkyushitsu.

Textbook and reference

This term we will take up the work of the celebrated English "glass engineer," the late Peter Rice. The text is:
Andre Brown: PETER RICE (The Engineer's Contribution to Contemporary Architecture), London (Thomas Telford for RIBA), 2001

You need not purchase this text, but for some reason the remaining copies here in Japan are very attractively priced (see above).

If we have time, we will also be looking at the concept of digital fabrication. So a related book you may wish to acquire is Digital Fabrications: Architectural and Material Techniques by Lisa Iwamoto (Professor at UCB) (Princeton Architectural Press, 2009)

(This is inexpensive and up-to-date and, above all, includes a great many color reproductions of the works discussed. It is also available for slightly more on, if you want to try to order both together.)

Hypothetical examples of this type appears in a great many recent student projects, and although I am unable to teach you how to perform the relevant CAD/CAM applications, some of you may be capable of taking up where this text leaves off. Like the innovative late-C20 schemes of Peter Rice, digital fabrication is obviously something we all need to know more about going forward.

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Comments from lecturer

In 2010, there are regular compulsory Thursday meetings: October 7~ December 18, inclusive, EXCEPT November 4 and November 11.

Meetings for 2011 TBA

David B. Stewart
CUEE, Midorigaoka No. 3 Bldg., # 304

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