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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

In this seminar, various themes regarding architectural technology will be dealt with from a viewpoint of contemporary architectural design, and of our current experience and context here in Japan.

Papers, presentations, and discussion will be based on assigned readings in English, which will differ each semester. Participation and regular attendance in seminar are necessary and required to receive credit.

Meetings take place weekly on Thursday mornings, beginning with the first Thursday in the October (autumn) Term.

Purpose of lecture


Plan of lecture

The first class meeting will take place in the third-floor kaigishitsu in the Kenchiku-to (Architecture Building) in Midorigaoka on Thursday, October 1st at 10:40 AM. If the door is closed, please fetch the key from Yasuda Kenkyushitsu.

Textbook and reference

This term our seminar will make use of:
Mario Salvadori
The Strength of Architecture: Why Buildings Stand Up
Norton, New York and London, 1980 (reissued 2002)

Copies are available for purchase at the CO-OP (Seikyo): in the prefab hut erected at the corner of the main building, Hon-kan, in O-okayama.
This text was recommended to me by one of the doctoral students in Takeuchi Kenkyushitsu. It was written, its author says, expressly for 窶徼hose who love beautiful buildings and wonder how they stand up.窶 The book provides a history of world architecture in structural terms, which although a generation old, is well written and well illustrated by drawings and diagrams. The author was Professor of Engineering and Professor of Architecture at Columbia University in the City of New York.

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Comments from lecturer

Since most of you are generally aware of the structural principles that form the backbone of this study, emphasis will be instead on connecting these applications with particular historical works of architecture. No mathematics is required.

David B. Stewart
CUEE, Midorigaoka No. 3 Bldg., # 304

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