Civil Engineering Analysis

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Hirose Sohichi 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

Presented in this lecture are fundamentals of numerical analysis including FEM and BEM. In the first part of the lectures, variational methods and weighted residual methods are explained, in connection with FEM. Then the fundamentals and formulations of boundary element method are described. Finally mathematical basis and formulation of inverse problems are lectured.

Purpose of lecture

To understand fundamentals of numerical analysis including FEM and BEM.

Plan of lecture

1. Introductionシ憩xamples of stationary problems
2. Variational method - 1D problems
3. Variational method - 2D,3D problems, the second variation
4. Variational method - boundary conditions, Lagrange's multiplier
5. Variational method - linear elasticity problems and other problems
6. Variational method - Ritz's method, Weighted residual methods
7. Midterm examination
8. Finite element method - 1D problem
9. Finite element method - 2D, 3D problems
10. Finite element method - numerical schemes & examples
11. Boundary element method - 1D problems
12. Boundary element method - 2D, 3D problems
13. Inverse problem - introduction
14. Inverse problem - math fundamentals and formulation
15. Inverse problem - examples

Textbook and reference

Lecture materials will be distributed by the lecturer.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Advanced numerical analyais II (related subject)


Homework(40%) and examination(60%)

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