Advanced Hydrology and Water Resources Management

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Saavedra Valeriano Oliver Cristian 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

This lecture covers topics related to hydrological modeling, water resources engineering and management. It introduces physically-based hydrological models as a tool for water assessment and decision support. Actually, the characteristics of input data to these models are reviewed. Optimization techniques in water resources are also introduced. Then, water management experiences from different regions of the world are reviewed. Finally, the concepts of integrated water management are updated.

Purpose of lecture

This lecture expects to expose students to advanced knowledge in hydrology and water resources. The combination of lecture, class exercises and assignments will be applied.

Plan of lecture

1. Historical perspective of water use
2. The hydrological cycle and major processes
3. Surface hydrology
4. Groundwater hydrology
5. Hydrological models
6. Monitoring of hydro-meteorology
7. Remote sensors used in Hydrology
8. Introduction to water resources engineering
9. Municipal and Irrigation water
10. Dams and hydropower
11. Water management concepts
12. Water allocation law
13. Integrated water resources experiences
14. Emerging water issues

Textbook and reference

Principle of Water Resources, T. V. Cech, 2010

Related and/or prerequisite courses

This lecture expects active participation of students.


Lecture窶冱 exercise 5%
Mid-term 25%
Assignments 15%
Final exam 35%
Final project 20%

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