Advanced Technical Communication Skills I

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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

This course meets regularly two days per week, at the first periods on Tuesday and Friday during term. The class is fully interactive and attendance is compulsory.

Meets in CUEE Conference Room #303 Midorigaoka Building #3 (third floor).

Purpose of lecture

The roundtable seminar is intended both to identity and improve skills in technical writing (i.e., those used for academic journals) and also to improve oral presentation techniques, assisted by Power Point or similar media.

Plan of lecture

The initial meeting of this class, which is really a "workshop", will be:

Tuesday, April 13,
in the CUEE Meeting Room, Building Three, Third Floor at 9 AM..

We will continue to meet each Tuesday and Friday morning through July. Please bring an electronic dictionary to class, as well as writing materials.

There will be no class on:

May 7
June 1
June 4
June 8

I anticipate a mixture of first-time students and students who may have participated in ATC II last autumn.
In any case, in the autumn we concentrated on the analysis of academic texts, whereas this spring we shall concentrate more actively on how to write and on individual presentation.

You will learn to be clear and logical in approach and to write from the point of view of a prospective reader or listener. You will learn to speak so that you can be heard easily. We will also make visual materials uniform and consistent, not to mention as attractive, effective, and persuasive as possible.

All this takes hard work and, for some students, may at first feel unfamiliar. To achieve your aims, you need to be willing to make mistakes, and then start again. To do this, we must meet TWICE a week on a regular basis and you will also be spending a certain amount of time outside class in preparation.

D. B. Stewart

Textbook and reference

Prints provided by instructor.

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