Physical Modelling in Geotechnics

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Takemura Jiro  Takahashi Akihiro 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

This course covers scaling laws and modeling considerations for physical modeling in geotechnical problems both for static and dynamic conditions with laboratory exercises.

02.Similitude and modeling principle
03.Design of physical model and model ground preparation
04.Model planning and measurement strategy
06.Recent development in physical modeling
07.Modeling exercise

Purpose of lecture

To learn fundamental knowledge and techniques related to physical modeling in geotechnical boundary value problems, including similitude, principles of measurement and test program strategy and to understand the usefuless of physical modeling through lectures and modeling exercise with presentations and discussions.

Plan of lecture

1. Introduction + visit Tokyo Tech geotechnical centrifuge facilities
2. Similitude and modeling principles
3. Design of physical model and model ground preparation
4. Modeling exercise 1: preparation of dry sand model ground in a mould
5. Measurements strategy and sensors
6. Modeling exercise 2: Bearing capacity of shallow foundation on dry sand
7. Modeling exercise 2: continue
8. Recent development in physical modeling - static problems
9. Presentation of exercise results and discussion - Exercises 1 & 2
10. Recent development in physical modeling - dynamic problems
11. Modeling exercise 3: Response of a single pile in sand during earthquake
or under cyclic lateral loading (1G model or centrifuge model ): Proposal
12. Modeling exercise 3: contitue
13. Modeling exercise 3: continue
14. Presentation of exercise results and discussion - Exercise 3
15. Examination

Textbook and reference

Handouts on each topic will be provided by lecture.

Geotechnical Centrifuge Technology(Blackie Academic & Professional)

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Assignments, Exercise & Examination

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