Fracture Control Desigス of Steel Structures

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Miki Chitoshi 
Tue7-8(M5 Meeting room)  Thr7-8(M5 Meeting room)  
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Outline of lecture

This OCW course is incomplete now.
Materials will be released by lecture.

Current State: Materials for Lecture #1 to #6, #8, #9, #11 and #12 are released. (#7 and #10 has no material)

Plan of lecture

1. Oct.25: Introduction to Fatigue and Fracture
What窶 fatigue and fracture
Case studies of retrofitting works

2. Oct.30: Fatigue Design of Steel Structures
Fatigue strengths of welded joints
Nominal-stress based fatigue design

3. Nov. 1: Local stress based fatigue design
Hot spot stress and effective notch stress
FEM analysis for local stress based fatigue design

4. Nov. 6: Fracture Mechanics
Fundamental concept of Fracture Mechanics
Stress intensity factor

5. Nov. 15: Fracture Toughness
How to evaluate fracture toughness

6. Nov. 20: Fatigue Crack Propagation Analysis by Applying Fracture Mechanics
Fatigue crack propagation law
Numerical simulation of fatigue propagation

7. Dec. 4: Engineering Application
Fitness for purpose design concept
Maintenance inspection for steel bridges

8. Dec. 11: Non-Destructive Evaluation
Evaluation of non-destructive inspection method for fatigue damage
Advanced ultrasonic technology

9. Dec. 18: Structural Response of Bridge Structures
Design stresses and actual stresses, stress reduction factor for fatigue design
Proof loading tests

10. Jan. 10: Field Stress Measurement for Fatigue Assessment
general stress and local stress
fatigue assessment

11. Jan.15: Retrofitting technology
Fatigue strength of repaired joints
Fatigue strength improving methods

12. Jan. 22: Case studies

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