Advanced Signal Processing

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Nishihara Akinori 
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Spring Semester
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Outline of lecture

Realization of FIR and IIR systems and parasitic effects, robust digital filters, multirate signal processing(sampling rate alteration), filter banks, wavelets, adaptive filters, digital signal processors, etc.

Purpose of lecture

Several important topics on the design and implementation of signal processing algorithms and their theoretical background will be discussed.

Plan of lecture

1.Overview of Signal Processing
2.Digital Filter Design
3.Finite Wordlength Effects
4.Multirate Systems (Sampling Rate Alteration)
5.Polyphase Representation
6.Filter Banks
7.M-channel Filter Banks
8.Adaptive Filters
9.Gradient Adaptive Algorithm
10.Recursive Adaptive Algorithm
11.DSP Systems
12.Pipeline and Parallel Processing
13.Implementation of DSP Systems

Textbook and reference

Materials will be prepared by the lecturer and can be downloaded.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Basic signal processing course is prerequisite. Students are supposed to know z-transform, Fourier analysis, sampling theorem, etc.


Marks are based on final examination.

Comments from lecturer

Although this course is taught in English, questions in Japanese are welcome.
I hope AIT, KMITL, and Tokyo Tech students enjoy studying together.


[Office Hours]
You may call at his office any time. Appointment by e-mail or phone recommended so that you are sure to have certain amount of time with him. For remote students at AIT and KMITL, don't hesitate to send e-mails to ask questions.

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