Teaching skills in English for doctoral course students

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Morris John 
Intensive (S321)  
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

A native speaker of English exercise doctoral course students practically in advanced teaching and presentation skills, English teaching methods (Master窶冱 course students can also take this lecture.)

Purpose of lecture

Learn advanced teaching and presentation skills, teaching skills in English which covers every steps from preparation to evaluation.
e.g. Planning the course, Making the syllabus, the Way of lecturingシ靴ommunication skillsシ訓rompting active remarksシ粂ow to guide the group workingシ窪valuation of the reportシ隈iving examination & evaluating, etc.

Plan of lecture

1. English Class Rules - Creating an Ideal English Learning Environment.
2. Student Participation Should Be 50% as a Goal.
3. Introductions - The Power of This Simple Task.
4. Evaluating Students Levels.
5. How to Teach Effectively to Mixed Levels.
6. Understanding How We Learn - The Three Different Types of Learners.
7. English Immersion Verses Translation.
8. How to Apply These Techniques to Any Teaching Curriculum.
9. Keeping it Fresh, Enriching the Learning Experience.
10. Basic Presentation Skills - How to Captivate The Class.
11. Teaching Techniques - Model with Repetition, Interacting with Students, Story Telling.
12. Your Voice, Your Instrument - Utilizing Inflection, Pace, Pausing and Rhythm.
13. Course Preparation - Begin with the End in Mind.
14. Preparing Course Material - Utilizing PowerPoint Effectively, Incorporating Multimedia.
15. Group Work; Benefits, Facilitating Effectiveness and Guiding the Groups.
16. Dealing with both Easy and Tough Questions.
17. Tests, Testing, Evaluating and Setting the Course Standard.
18. Scoring Rubrics - Evaluating Students Progress Rather Than縲Benchmarking.
19. Student Counselling - Supporting, Encouraging and Developing Underperformers,
Encouraging Overachievers to Raise the Class Standard.
20. Summary/review and final Q&A.

Textbook and reference

Reference materials will be provided in the classes.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Nothing in particular


Based on the performance in the classes.

Contact Information

Email: jdmorrisツシconsulting-japan.com

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