Mixed Signal Systems and Integrated Circuits

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Matsuzawa Akira 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

On the basis of electronic circuits and electronic device from undergraduate courses, this course provides general understandings on mixed signal system and its integrated circuit technology, which has become one of the most important technologies in current electronics.
Basic concepts on mixed signal systems and CMOS circuit design will be covered.

Purpose of lecture

Students will acquire knowledge on mixed signal systems, CMOS circuit design, device technology, and LSI design.

Plan of lecture

1. Mixed signal systems
2. Discrete-time signals
3. Digital to analog converters
4. Basics for analog to digital converters
5. Successive approximation ADC
6. Baic circuit blocks for data converters
7. Pipelined analog to digital converter
8. Sigma delta Modulator
9. Sigma delta ADCs and DACs
10. Baiscs of phase-locked loop systems
11. Design of PLLs

Textbook and reference

Students should download the lecture materials from OCW/OCW-i.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Knowledge of fundamentals on analog circuit theory and silicon device from undergraduate courses is required.


Evaluation will be based on the final examination.

Comments from lecturer

Mixed signal systems and its integrated circuits has become one of the most important technologies in current electronics.
This course will give you an organized view of the technology and the basis of advanced mixed signal LSI design.

Contact Information

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Upon appointment by email.

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