Technology Innovation and Standardization I

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Watanabe Tomoki 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

In this course the lecture deals basics of standardization such as the organizations, standardization process, etc., and the relationship among technical innovations, industrial development and standardization in the railway case as an example. It also deals the basics of the relationship among technology, business and standardization, following the fact the difficulties faced in an industry may be the case some other industries already experienced in the past decades. The latter half of each lecture is allocated for exercises of presentations and discussions needed for the international activities.

Purpose of lecture

Occurring in abundance the cases that companies with competent technology do not succeed in business, many people are calling for the importance of standardization and of the business and standardization strategy, highlighting Human Resource Development that presents a significant challenge. This course aims to obtain basic knowledge of the standardization, to learn the rules of discussion and to be accustomed to international discussions.

Plan of lecture

1 讓呎コ門喧縺ョ諢冗セゥ / 險手ォ悶ョ貅門y
Significance of standardization / Preparation for discussion

2 讓呎コ門喧縺ョ譁ケ豕 / 隧ア鬘後ョ驕ク螳1縲
Methods of standardization / Selection of the item of discussion 1

3 蝗ス髫幄ヲ乗シ縺ィ蝗ス髫帶ィ呎コ門喧讖滄未 / 謠先。域嶌繝励Ξ繧シ繝ウ繝繝シ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ
International Standards and the standardization bodies / Proposal presentation

4 蝗ス髫幄ヲ乗シ縺ョ菴懊j譁ケ / 繧ウ繝。繝ウ繝医励Ξ繧シ繝ウ繝繝シ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ1
How to make international standards / Comment presentations 1

5 險磯乗ィ呎コ / 繧ウ繝。繝ウ繝医励Ξ繧シ繝ウ繝繝シ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ2
Metrological standards / Comment presentations 2

6 WTO/TBT蜊泌ョ壹→蝗ス髫帶ィ呎コ / 隴ー莠矩鹸
WTO agreement and international standards / minutes

7 隕乗シ縺檎オ梧ク医↓荳弱∴繧句スア髻ソ / 隴ー隲悶ョ縺セ縺ィ繧
Influences of standards on economics / wrap-up

8 谺ァ蟾槭ョ隕乗シ謌ヲ逡・(驩驕薙r萓九→縺励※)縲/ 隧ア鬘後ョ驕ク螳2
Standardization strategy of Europe (case of railway) / Selection of the item of discussion 2

9 驩驕薙↓縺翫¢繧玖ヲ乗シ縺ョ莠倶セ 1 / 謠先。域嶌繝励Ξ繧シ繝ウ繝繝シ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ
Railway standard example 1 / Proposal presentation

10 驩驕薙↓縺翫¢繧玖ヲ乗シ縺ョ莠倶セ2 / 繧ウ繝。繝ウ繝医励Ξ繧シ繝ウ繝繝シ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ1
Railway standard example 2 / comment presentations 1

11 蜈育ォッ謚陦薙→讓呎コ / 繧ウ繝。繝ウ繝医励Ξ繧シ繝ウ繝繝シ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ2
Cutting-edge technology and standards / comment presentations 2

12 莠区・ュ謌ヲ逡・縺ィ讓呎コ1 / 謠先。医ョ菫ョ豁」
Business strategy and standards 1 / Modification of the proposal

13莠区・ュ謌ヲ逡・縺ィ讓呎コ2 / 險手ォ悶サ蜈ャ髢区肢讌ュ
Business strategy and standards 2/ discussion (open class)

14 莠区・ュ謌ヲ逡・縺ィ讓呎コ3 / 隴ー莠矩鹸縺ィ縺セ縺ィ繧
Business strategy and standards 3 /minutes and wrap-up

15 陬懆カウ /繝ャ繝昴シ繝医ョ蜀螳ケ / 譛邨ゅ励Ξ繧シ繝ウ繝繝シ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ
Supplemental item / Content of the report / final presentation

16 繝ャ繝昴シ繝医↓縺、縺縺ヲ縺ョQ & A
Q & A for the report

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Presentation and report

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