Magnetic Levitation and Magnetic Suspension

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Chiba Akira 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

Magnetic Levitation and Magnetic Suspension
At the era of the 21 century, magnetic levitation and suspension have been introduced into some practical applications. There are maglevs such as the JR Yamanashi Maglev, the Linimo train in Nagoya, and the Shanghai Maglev. On the other hand, bearingless motor water pumps for pure water, magnetic bearings for turbo molecular pumps are used in semiconductor processes. In this lecture, we will study about super conductor magnetic levitation, Maglev train systems, magnetic bearings, and bearingless motors.

Purpose of lecture

We learn super conductors, permanent magnets, electro magents and these magnetic circuit analysis. Principles and examples of electro dynamic magnetic suspension, super conductor bulk magnetic suspension,

Plan of lecture

01 Purposes , contents, evaluation methods and office hours are presented. Introduction to magnetic bearing and bearingless motor.
02 Application of bearingless motors
03 simple magnetic circuits, analysis, electro magnetic force, non linearity
04 Analysis of permanent magnet circuits
05 Radial magnetic bearing, analysis, principles
06 Linearization, displacement-force factor, block diagram of radial magnetic bearing
07 Instability of magnetic suspension, feedback controller configuration and design
08 Controller parameter adjustments, external force suppression and displacements
09 Excise
10 Power electronics of magnetic bearings, Principle and overview of bearingless motors.
11 Maglev systems; Yamanashi
12 Maglev system; Linimo
13 Maglev system Trans rapid
14 Other maglev systems Miyazaki
15 Basics of bearingless motor

01. 縺薙ョ隰帷セゥ縺ョ謨呵ご蜀螳ケ縲∫岼讓吶∵千クセ隧穂セ。譁ケ豕輔サ蝓コ貅悶r隱ャ譏弱りャ帷セゥ諡蠖薙ョ繧ェ繝輔ぅ繧ケ繧「繝ッ繝シ繧定ェャ譏弱ら」∵ー苓サク蜿励→繝吶い繝ェ繝ウ繧ー繝ャ繧ケ繝「繝シ繧ソ縺ョ繧、繝ウ繝医Ο
03. 邁。蜊倥↑逎∵ー怜屓霍ッ縺ィ縺昴ョ隗」譫舌髮サ逎∝鴨縲髱樒キ壼ス「諤ァ
04. 豌ク荵逎∫浹縺ョ逎∵ー怜屓霍ッ隗」譫
05. 蠕譁ケ蜷醍」∵ー苓サク蜿励ョ讒区舌∬ァ」譫舌∝次逅
06. 蠕譁ケ蜷醍」∵ー苓サク蜿励ョ讒区舌∬ァ」譫舌∝次逅縲∫キ壼ス「蛹悶∽ク榊ケウ陦。蜷ク蠑募鴨縲√ヶ繝ュ繝繧ッ邱壼峙
07. 逎∵ー玲髪謖∫ウサ縺ョ荳榊ョ牙ョ壽ァ縺ィ縲√ヵ繧」繝シ繝峨ヰ繝繧ッ繧ウ繝ウ繝医Ο繝シ繝ゥ縺ョ蜴溽炊縲∬ィュ險
08. 逎∵ー玲髪謖∫ウサ縺ョ繧ウ繝ウ繝医Ο繝シ繝ゥ縺ョ繝代Λ繝。繝シ繧ソ縺ィ蠢懃ュ斐∝、紋ケア謚大宛
09. 縺薙l縺セ縺ァ縺ョ遽蝗イ縺ァ縺ョ逅隗」蠎ヲ繝√ぉ繝繧ッ縲∬」懆カウ
10 逎∵ー苓サク蜿励ョ繝代Ρ繧ィ繝ャ縲√吶い繝ェ繝ウ繧ー繝ャ繧ケ繝「繝シ繧ソ縺ョ蝓コ遉弱→讎りヲ
11 螻ア譴ィ逎∵ー玲オョ荳雁苓サ
12 繝ェ繝九Δ縲?SST
13 繝医Λ繝ウ繧ケ繝ゥ繝斐ャ繝
14 縺昴ョ莉悶ョ繝槭げ繝ャ繝悶∝ョョ蟠弱↑縺ゥ
15 繝吶い繝ェ繝ウ繧ー繝ャ繧ケ繝「繝シ繧ソ縺ョ蝓コ遉

Textbook and reference

Textbook and/or reference*
Akira Chiba, Tadashi Fukao, Osamu Ichikawa, Masahide Oshima, Masatsugu Takemoto and David G. Dorrell, ``Magnetic Bearings and Bearingless Drives'', Newnes Elsevier, ISBN 0 7506 5727 8, 2005

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Electric Machinery, Power Electronics
髮サ豌玲ゥ溷勣蟄ヲ 繝代Ρ繝シ繧ィ繝ャ繧ッ繝医Ο繝九け繧ケ


Report in classroom 60%, home work reports 30%, examination 30%

Comments from lecturer

In this lecture we learn magnetic levitation and suspension. These applications will break in 21 century.

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