Guided Wave Circuit Theory

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Mizumoto Tetsuya 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

Electromagnetic waves are used for broadcast, communications, and sensing in a great variety of frequency ranges which include microwave, millimeter-wave and optical frequency regions. The lecture explains the theory that is used for designing RF circuits based on guided waves.

Purpose of lecture

The lecture is focused on the guided wave theory and its application to the design of guided wave circuit in microwave, millimeter-wave and optical frequency regions. Topics included are electromagnetic fields in waveguides, the dispersion and nonlinearity of optical fibers, a coupled mode theory, electromagnetic waves in a periodic structure, scattering matrix representation, eigen excitation, and the design of guided wave circuits.

Plan of lecture

01. Introduction to guided wave circuits
02. Transmission lines
03. Plane wave propagation
04. Planar waveguides for microwave and millimeter-wave
05. Metalic hollow waveguides
06. Optical planar waveguides
07. Wave propagation in optical fibers (dispersion and nonlinearity)
08. Coupled mode equation
09. Guided waves in periodic structures
10. Circuit representation by a scattering matrix
11. Eigen excitation and eigen values
12. Couplers and dividers
13. Resonators, filters and multi/demultiplexers
14. Nonreciprocal circuits

Textbook and reference

Reference: D.Marcuse, "Theory of Dielectric Waveguides," Academic Press.
R.E.Collin, "Field theory of guided waves," McGraw-Hill.
J.Helszajn, "Passive and active microwave circuits," John Wiley & Sons.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Fundamentals of electromagnetism and electromagnetic wave transmission are prerequisite.


Understanding of the principle of guided wave circuit is evaluated based on the term end examination.

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