Electronic Materials B

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Manaka Takaaki 
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Fall Semester

Purpose of lecture

On the basis of crystal physics of undergraduate course, this lecture provides fundamentals of crystallography (lattice and point group), physical tensors (of electricity, magnetism, elasticity, and optics), lattice vibration, and crystallographic analysis methodology (X-ray diffraction, electron beam diffraction, SPM, etc).

Plan of lecture

1. Crystal symmetry: Bravais lattice and crystal system, point group, and physical tensors.
2. Inverse lattice and structural analysis: scattering of waves by crystal, scattering and Fourier analysis, inverse lattice and diffraction condition.
3. Crystal optics: birefringence and photoelastic effects, optical activity and magneto-optical effects, electrooptic effects, and nonlinear optical effects.
4. Elastic properties and wave propagation in crystals: crystal anisotropy and elastic constants, elastic wave equation, anisotropic propagation of elastic waves and its application.

Textbook and reference

C. Kittel, ``Introduction to Solid State Physics,'' John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
J. F. Nye, ``Physical Properties of Crystals,'' Oxford
R. R. Birss, ``Symmetry and Magnetism,'' North-Holland

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Nothing in particular, other than general physics of undergraduate level.


Based on the term end examination and quizzes carried out during the classes.

Comments from lecturer

Quizzes will be given as needed.


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