Wireless Communication Engineering

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Araki Kiyomichi 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture


Wireless Communication Systems, Wave propagation, reflection, refraction and diffraction, Stochastic Behavior of wireless channel, Antenna and Diversity, Space and Time Signal Processing, Modulation and Demodulation, Coding and Decoding, RF Devices and Circuit Design, Multiple Access, Future Trend including Software defined radio, UWB transmission and MIMO technologies

Purpose of lecture

Explain the fundamentals in wireless communication engineering, from wireless channel characteristics to traffic control.

Plan of lecture

01. Introduction, Electromagnetic Wave: Information, Energy, Sensing
02. Channel Fading, Channel Estimation, Diversity Technique
03. Noise & Interference, Spatial Signal Processing
04. MIMO Transmission: Spatial Multiplexing
05. UWB Transmission: Low Frequency Efficiency
06. Digital Modulation & Demodulation
07. Filtering, Signal Conditioning and Processing
08. Software Defined Radio & Cognitive Radio
09. Digital RF Circuit Design : Combination of CT and DT Systems
10. Error Correction Codes & Information Theory
11. Multiple Access and Multi-user Communication
12. Power Amplifiers: Nonlinear Distortion, Efficiency, Architecture
13. Cryptography for secure networking

Textbook and reference

Lecture note is handed out. Additional references are; S.Haykin, 窶戮ommunication Systems窶 (4th Edition), John Wiley シ Sons, Inc. and J.G.Proakis, 窶戰igital Communications窶 (3rd Edition), McGraw-Hill.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Students are requested to have a knowledge of electromagnetics and communication theory.


Grade is evaluated by a report to topics in wireless communication engineering.

Comments from lecturer

Wireless communication systems are the key infrastructures for multi-media era.

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Office Hours

Office hour is basically scheduled after 5PM, and a question via e-mail is available at anytime.

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