Wireless Communication Engineering II

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Sakaguchi Kei 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

The lecture focuses on MIMO transmission systems for wireless broadband communications.
Basic principles, channel capacity, propagation model, processing schemes, and system structure for MIMO communications are introduced. Fundamentals of wireless communication and array signal processing are also lectured for the basis of MIMO communication system.
Furthermore, future perspective of MIMO system in wireless LAN and cellular standards are also given.

Purpose of lecture

The objective of this course is to provide various aspects of MIMO communication systems for wireless broadband networks.
The course supports information theory, signal processing, transceiver system, and access schemes for MIMO communication systems.
Basics on wireless communication and array signal processing are provided ahead for better understanding of MIMO system.
Future perspective on wireless LAN and mobile phone with MIMO schemes is also provided.

Plan of lecture

01. Guidance of the course
02. Major Issues in wireless communications
03. Fundamentals of wireless communications
04. Array signal processing
05. MIMO channel capacity
06. Double directional spatial channel model
07. MIMO receiver
08. MIMO transmitter
09. Adaptive MIMO communications
10. Multi-user MIMO
11. Distributed MIMO networks
12. Standardization of MIMO systems

Textbook and reference

Lecture note is provided.
Additional reference is;
E.Biglieri, et.al., ``MIMO Wireless Communications,'' Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Wireless Communication Engineering I


Grade is based on reports and final examination.


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