Advanced Electron Devices

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Oda Shunri 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

Limitation of silicon microdevices and alternative technology: Quantum nano-devices, will be discussed.
Major topics include; Approaches for high-speed devices, Parameters which determine the speed of ICs, Heterojunction devices, Scaling limit of MOSFETs, Interconnections, Criteria for quantum effects, Fabrication technology of quantum nano-structures, Single electron transistors, Superconducting digital devices, Quantum computer.

Purpose of lecture

On the basis of Electron Devices and Quantum Theory of undergraduate course, this course provides general consideration on integrated electron devices leading to advanced discussion on limitation of silicon microdevices and possibilities of alternative technology.

Plan of lecture

01. Approaches for high-speed devices
02. Parameters which determine the speed of ICs
03. Heterojunction devices
04. Scaling limit of MOSFETs
05. Interconnects
06. Physics of quantum effects in nanoscale devices
07. Criteria for quantum effects
08. Fabrication technology of quantum nano-structures
09. Single electron transistors
10. Josephson junction and vortex devices
11. Superconducting digital devices
12. Spintronics
13. Quantum computing and architectures

Textbook and reference

Technical Digests of IEDM, Extended Abstracts of SSDM

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Knowledge of fundamentals on electron devices and quantum theory of undergraduate level is required.


Evaluation will be based on the presentation and discussion in the classroom.

Comments from lecturer

Microelectronics technology is changing rapidly. Present status and future prospects of electron devices are discussed. Students are requested for the preparation of reading references for discussion.


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