Electric Power and Motor Drive System Analysis

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Akagi Hirofumi 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

This lecture is focused on analysis of electric power systems and motor drive systems, and on their applications. It includes the p-q theory in three-phase circuits, and the instantaneous
active and reactive power defined by the theory, as well as d-q transformation for ac motors.
In addition, it presents the so-called vector control or filed-oriented control for induction and synchronous motors.

Purpose of lecture

The purpose of this graduate class is to achieve analysis of electric power systems and ac motor drives.
In addition, this class includes applications of the theories to electric power utility and industry.
Note that this graduate class is based on the following two undergraduate classes: Electrical Machinery and Power Electronics.

Plan of lecture

1. Analytical methods and basic theories
2. Active and reactive powers in single-phase circuits
3. Instantaneous power theory in three-phase circuits
3-1. Definition of the instantaneous active reactive powers and their physical meanings
3-2. Applications of the theory to power electronics equipment
4. Coordinate transformation
4-1. Absolute transformation and three-to-two phase transformation
4-2. dq transformation
5. Voltage and current equation and instantaneous torque of ac machines
6. Vector control of induction machines
7. Vector control of synchronous machines

Textbook and reference

A copy of materials necessary for this class will be given to each student.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

This class requires knowledge of electric machines and power electronics in undergraduate levels.


Evaluation will be based on the term-end examination.

Comments from lecturer

The instantaneous power theory in three-phase circuits and the so-called dq transformation for ac machines are indispensable for all of graduate students who are majoring in power electronics and power engineering. This course gives you comprehensive theory and practice related to analysis of electric power systems and ac motor drives.


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