Creative Design for Innovation

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Mougenot Celine 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

This class covers design theory and design methods for innovation, based on industrial design and user-centered product design approach. Topics include ideas generation/creativity techniques and user-centered development/testing methods. The students will conduct a design project in groups: generating ideas of creative concepts of technological products and making prototypes and products. The creativity and user-friendliness of the design concepts will be emphasized.

Purpose of lecture

The students will learn how to imagine and make technological products of the future, like communication devices, transportation systems, healthcare devices and so on.
They will learn how to conduct a design project with the following milestones:
- identifying a design problem (problem framing)
- using creative-thinking techniques (brainstorming, C-K, analogical reasoning窶ヲ)
- imagining innovative concepts for technological products of the future (wearable tech, 窶徭mart things窶, tangible interfaces窶ヲ)
- producing representations of intermediate design solutions (sketches and prototypes)
- collecting users窶 needs and conduct user tests (ethnography and ergonomics)
- measuring the impact of their design onto people, society and environment

Plan of lecture

Quarter course, Monday 13:20-16:35

(1) Oct 5, 2015 : Introduction to design and innovation [scheduled 13:20-14:50]
(2) Oct 19, 2014 : Trends in technological innovative design
(3) Oct 26, 2014 : Ethnography and user research
(4) Nov 9, 2015 : Creativity and idea generation
(5) Nov 16, 2015 : Sketching, storyboarding, quick-and-dirty prototyping
(6) Nov 30, 2015 : Idea development and prototyping
(7) Dec 7, 2015 : Idea development and prototyping
(8) Dec 14, 2014 : Final presentations

Please note:
- October 5, 2015: class exceptionally scheduled 13:20-14:50
- November 2, 2015: exceptionally no class

Textbook and reference

Available at Tokyo Tech library:
- UNIVERSAL METHODS OF DESIGN (2012) Bella Martin, Bruce Hanington. Ed. Rockport
- SKETCHING USER EXPERIENCE (2012) Saul Greenberg, Sheelagh Carpendale, Nicolai Marquardt, Bill Buxton. Ed. Morgan Kaufmann
- SMART THINGS (2010) Mike Kuniavsky. Ed. Morgan Kaufman.
- THE DESIGN OF FUTURE THINGS (2009) Donald Norman. Ed. Basic Books.

Related and/or prerequisite courses



Final deliverable: 40%
Final presentation: 40%
Classroom participation: 20 %

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