Special Lecture on Mechano-Infra Engineering B

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Lee Sang Yong 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

This course deals with various aspects of flow and heat transfer phenomena in multiphase systems, mostly focused on the gas-liquid flow. Basic flow patterns and their background physics will be studied. Also, the conservation equations, analytical models and the experimental results are going to be introduced. As well as the adiabatic cases, the fundamentals on the boiling and the condensation phenomena will be discussed. Besides, recent progress in the multiphase flow research will be briefly introduced.

Purpose of lecture

To understand the basics of multi-phase flows

Plan of lecture

Part I: Hydrodynamics
- Background/Flow Patterns/Flow Pattern Maps
- General Models: Homogeneous and Separated Flow Models

Part II: Phase-Change Heat Transfer (Boiling and Condensation)
- Thermodynamics/Nucleation
- Pool Boiling
- Flow Boiling: Fundamentals and Subcooled Flow Boiling
- Saturated Flow Boiling and Critical Heat Flux
- Condensation: Nusselt Approach and Modifications

Textbook and reference

Text: Lecture note will be provided.
- Thome, J. R., Engineering Heat Transfer Data Book III, Wolverine Tube, Inc., 2004-2010. (downloadable at www.wlv.com.)
- Collier, J. G. and Thome, J. R., 窶廚onvective Boiling and Condensation,窶 3rd ed., Oxford Univ. Press, 1994.
- Carey, V. P., 窶廰iquid-Vapor Phase-Change Phenomena,窶 2nd ed., Taylor & Francis, 2008.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

The students taking this course are assumed to have taken the elementary courses on fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, and are required to participate in the class discussions actively. The course will be taught in English.


Short tests will be given at the end of every lecture.

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