Project in Creative Design for Innovation

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Mougenot Celine 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

2nd half of Fall semester, starting December 4, 2012.

This class covers the application of product design techniques, as taught in the 1st half of the semester, to a design PROJECT.

Purpose of lecture

The students will learn how to imagine creative concepts of technological products, using creativity methods for human-centered design. Based on a given theme, students are expected to identify a design problem and to propose a design solution in the form of a virtual or physical prototype. The user-friendliness and creativity of the design concept will be emphasized, not only technical quality.

Plan of lecture

The course will be conducted through several activities, applied to the students窶 own projects:
- Ethnographical research and users observations in real life
- Conceptual research centered on user experience
- Sketching (sketches, storyboards)
- Prototyping (quick-and-dirty prototyping, user experience prototyping)
- User tests (wizard-of-oz, kansei evaluation)

- Dec 4, 2012: "Design practice in real life + sketching workshop" (Mr. Naohiro Seki, Canon Design Center)
- Dec 11, 2012: "Conceptual design based on C-K Theory" (Mr. Ingi Brown, Mines ParisTech)
- Jan 15, 2013: "Music-based interaction design" (Mr. Nicolas Rasamimanana, Phonotonic)

Textbook and reference

UNIVERSAL METHODS OF DESIGN (2012) Bella Martin, Bruce Hanington. Ed. Rockport
SKETCHING USER EXPERIENCE (2012) Saul Greenberg, Sheelagh Carpendale, Nicolai Marquardt, Bill Buxton. Ed. Morgan Kaufmann
SMART THINGS (2010) Mike Kuniavsky. Ed. Morgan Kaufman.
THE DESIGN OF FUTURE THINGS (2009) Donald Norman. Ed. Basic Books.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Recommended to sign up for ツォ Creative Design for Innovation ツサ course (taught in 1st half of Fall semester)


Project deliverable: 60%
Final presentation: 30%
Classroom participation: 10 %


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