Special Lecture on Mechano-Infra Engineering B

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Chabert Emmanuelle 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

Polymers are macromolecules that can give rise to a wide range of complex behaviors, depending on how these molecules are arranged at microscopic length scales (i.e., the microstructure). Beyond the more standard liquid and crystalline states of matter, polymers can also appear in more unusual phases, such as the glassy phase, the rubber or elastomeric phase. This richness in behavior, as well as the fact that numerous tools have been developed over the last 50 years to synthesize and commercialize these materials makes them extremely useful in application. They have replaced more traditional materials, such a metals and wood, in a huge number of applications, and this trend will apparently continue. In this course an overview of the physical properties of polymers will be presented with the objective of making contact with the mechanical properties of such materials in the solid state.

Purpose of lecture

Mechanics of solid polymers.

Plan of lecture

13 blocks including exercises and final exam. Some homework will be assigned for each chapter.

ツィ Introductory lecture
ツィ From polymers structure to the properties
ツィ Rubber, glass and crystalline states
ツィ Glass transition
ツィ Semi crystalline polymers (morphology, mechanisms of deformation)
ツィ Linear viscoelasticity
ツィ Molecular mobility, experiments
ツィ Boltzmann superposition principle, Laplace transform
ツィ Relaxation and retardation functions, rheological models, empirical laws
ツィ Master curve
ツィ Dynamic response
ツィ Viscoplasticity (vitreous state)
ツィ Finite elasticity (rubber state)
ツィ Review of kinematics and equilibrium in the context of finite deformation
ツィ Entropic elasticity
ツィ Mechanical models
ツィ Identification of a behaviour law
ツィ Introduction to composite materials and laminates

Textbook and reference

Scaling concepts in polymer physics, P.-G. de Gennes, 1979
Mechanical properties of solid polymers, I. Ward, Wiley, 1983
Introduction to Polymers, R.J. Young P. A. Lovell, 1991
Viscoelastic solids, Lakes R. S., 1999
Physics and mechanics of amorphous polymers, Jo Perez, 1998

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Mechanics/Polymer materials


Final exam

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