Linear Fracture Mechanics

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MIZUTANI Yoshihiro  Todoroki Akira 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

Linear Fracture Mechanics (LFM) deals with the strength of materials with a crack in a linear elastic deformation body. LFM is applicable under a small scale yielding condition, and LFM is useful for mechanical structural designs. Non-destructive inspection is also introduced in this class.

Purpose of lecture

The present course provides basic understanding of fracture of mechanical engineering structures.
The course deals with the basic mechanics of materials from the definitions of stress and strain in the
first lecture, and it includes outline of the linear fracture mechanics under the small scale yielding
condition. The linear fracture mechanics is indispensable for mechanical engineers to prevent
failures due to crack growth. Applicants should have attended the Advanced Course of Mechanics of

Plan of lecture

1. Mechanics of Material and Fracture
2. Theory of elasticity & Stress Intensity factor
3. Crack Tip Plasticity
4. Fracture toughness and Fracture toughness test
5. Fatigue & Stress Corrosion Cracking
6. Structural integrity evaluation process for a nuclear power plant & Non Destructive Testing
7. Examination

Homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation Numerical analysis for heat transfer problem including melting & solidification
Fundamentals of Molecular Dynamics Method
Methods to control freezing of supercooled liquid
Melting and solidification of ice and water using Molecular Dynamics Method
Measuring method of thermal properties
Permeability and porosity of ice particles as porous media

Textbook and reference

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Attendance, reports and final examination

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