Life Cycle Engineering

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Fuchino Tetsuo 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

The purpose of "Lifecycle Engineering窶 is to provide framework to manage safety and/or technology through lifecycle. To provide such a framework, engineering business process should be defined as IDEF0 activity model. In process industry, three kinds of lifecycle are related; process, plant and product lifecycles, and the plant lifecycle is considered for process safety management. In this lecture, a novel template approach to generate a generic business process model is adopted, and a developed generic plant lifecycle engineering process model is explained. On the basis of the model, the process safety management issue, such as management of change and incident investigations are discussed.

Purpose of lecture

縲触oal of Lecture縲禅he purpose of this lecture is to acquire the method for plant lifecycle business process modeling of IDEF0 activity model, and the process safety management issue, such as management of change is considered on the plant lifecycle business process model.
縲慎heme縲選n modeling the to-be business process model, assignment of the business processes to the basic engineering elements, which are consist of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) functions, is important and analysis of the engineering business from the viewpoint of business process function.

Plan of lecture

1. Introduction (Lifecycle engineering perspective of chemical process industry)
2. Problems in lifecycle, -Case and causality
3. BPR (Business Process Reengineering) approach
4. Lifecycle activities of chemical process industry
5. Modeling lifecycle activities -Necessity and approach
6. Business model methodology: IDEF (Integrated Definition for Functional model) Family overview
7. IDEF0 modeling (Syntax, Template, Ontology)
8. IDEF0 modeling (Ontology)
9. IDEF0 modeling practice (I)
10. IDEF0 modeling practice (II)
11. IDEF0 modeling practice (III)
12. IDEF0 modeling practice (IV)
13. Integrated information environment design (Concept)
14. Integrated information environment design (Data Model)

Textbook and reference


Related and/or prerequisite courses



Making activity model for "Perform Research Project" and its presentation are required. The credit is evaluated for the result of lifecycle modeling, its presentation and examination.

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