Advanced Separation Operations

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Ito Akira 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

The separation operations are the unit operetions using mass transport phenomena. Those include the typical unit operations, distillation, absorption, extraction, and the special and new separation processes, membrane separation and adsorption. The lectures will show the basic models and related equilibrium relations on over 13 unit operations. Each lectute forcuses the basic idea of models and the solution methods of the model equations.

Purpose of lecture

The lectures will show the basic models and related equilibrium relations on over 13 unit mass transfer operations.One lecture will forcuse one unit operation. The phase equilibrium used in the process and mathematical models of the process are presented.

Plan of lecture

Monday 10:45-12:15 Class room 隰帷セゥ螳、シ售6-S637 or S4-3F D computer room (1)
Lecturer: Prof. ITO Akira S1 421 Ext. 2151 諡蠖難シ壹莨頑擲縲遶縲シ亥喧蟄ヲ蟾・蟄ヲ蟆よ判シ
10/5 1. Distillation(1), Vapor-liquid equilibrium 闥ク逡(1) 豌玲カイ蟷ウ陦。
10/19 2. Distillation(2), Simple distillation 闥ク逡(2) 蜊倩頂逡
10/26 3. Distillation(3), Binary distillation tower 闥ク逡(3) シ呈仙邉サ闥ク逡吝。
11/2 4. Absorption(1) 蜷ク蜿
11/9 5. Absorption(2) 蜷ク蜿
11/16 6. Extraction 謚ス蜃コ
11/30 7. Adsorption 蜷ク逹
12/7 8. Chromatography 繧ッ繝ュ繝槭ヨ
12/14 9. Crystallization& Evaporation 譎カ譫舌サ闥ク逋コ
12/21 10. Humidity conditioning 隱ソ貉ソ
1/4 11. Drying 荵セ辯・
1/12(Tue) 12. Membrane separation (1) 閹懷髮「(1)
1/18 13. Membrane separation (2) 閹懷髮「(2)
1/25 14. Membrane separation (3) 閹懷髮「(3)
2/1 15. Process control 髱槫ョ壼クク繝励Ο繧サ繧ケ縺ィ蛻カ蠕。, Heat transfer莨晉ア

Textbook and reference

Text: Materials distributed on the lecture 謨咏ァ第嶌シ夐囂譎る榊ク雉譁吶↓繧医k

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Henry, Seader, Roper: Separation Process Principles, 3rd Ed., Wiley (2011)


Evaluation: Reports at each lecture only 謌千クセ隧穂セ。シ壽ッ主屓縺ョ貍皮ソ偵Ξ繝昴シ繝医↓繧医k縲譛邨りゥヲ鬨薙ッ縺ゅj縺セ縺帙s

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