Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering

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Okochi Mina  Nakasaki Kiyohiko 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

Advanced chemical reaction engineering is intended as a course for first-year graduate course in chemical engineering. This lecture is composed of two parts. Biochemical engineering part is focus on recent advances in bioproduction related technologies. In the chemical reaction engineering part, a petro-chemical process composed of petroleum refinery and bulk chemicals production will be explained. Also, heterogeneous catalytic processes based on the knowledge of major topics such as kinetics analysis and reactor design methods and phenomena of catalyst deactivation are included.

Purpose of lecture

Advanced chemical reaction engineering course is designed to give chemical engineering graduate students a deep understanding and detailed knowledge on chemical and biological reaction engineering.
Focus 1: Biochemical reaction engineering
Focus 2: Catalyst reaction engineering
Focus 3: Heterogeneous reactions
Focus 4: Petrochemical process
Focus 5: Kinetic analysis and reactor design

Plan of lecture

1. Introduction, Seminar
2. Screening of biological resources and its breading method
3. High-throughput screening
4. Metabolic engineering
5. Reactionkinetics of Biocatalyst
6. Seminar
7. Bioreactors
8. Measurements and Control of Bioprocess
9. Petrochemical process 1: Thermal and physical process
10.縲Petrochemical process 2: Heterogeneous catalytic process
11.縲Bulk chemicals production
12.縲Heterogeneous catalyst and catalytic reaction
13.縲Kinetic analysis and reactor design
14.縲Reaction and catalyst deactivation

Textbook and reference

繝舌う繧ェ繝励Ο繝繧ッ繧キ繝ァ繝ウ(Japanese written on Bioproduction)縲∝喧蟄ヲ蟾・蟄ヲ莨壹ヰ繧、繧ェ驛ィ莨夂キィ縲√さ繝ュ繝顔、セシ2006シ
Chemical reaction engineering, third edition, by Levenspiel,O., John Wiley & Sons(1999)
Chemical縲Process Technology, Wiley, J.A. Moulijm
蜿榊ソ懷キ・蟄ヲ隗」譫 (Japanese written on Chemical reaction engineering analysis)縲∝、ェ逕ー蜿」蜥御ケ邱ィ髮縲∵悃蛟画嶌蠎(2012)

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Chemical reaction engineering 1 and 2


Evaluation is made by either examination, home-assignment or others.

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