Chemical Engineering for Advanced Materials and Chemicals Processing I

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Sekiguchi Hidetoshi  Ohtaguchi Kazuhisa  Matsumoto Hideyuki 
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

This class covers fundamentals of process systems engineering, chemical reaction engineering, and energy transfer operations.

Purpose of lecture

A purpose of this lecture is to learn fundamentals of chemical engineering for advanced materials and chemicals processing.

Plan of lecture

1. Introduction
2. Process systems engineering
繝サ Basics of process systems and complex systems
繝サ Qualitative modeling, quantitative modeling and simulation
繝サ Empirical network modeling and simulation
繝サ Optimization of complex systems
3. Chemical reaction engineering
繝サ Homogeneous reactions in ideal reactors
繝サ Flow patterns, contacting, and non-ideal flow
繝サ Reactions catalyzed by solids
4. Energy transfer operations
繝サ Basics of heat transfer including conduction, convection and radiation
繝サ Enhancement and reduction of heat transfer
繝サ Evaluation of Energy System

Textbook and reference

Classes on 窶弃rocess systems engineering窶 and 窶廢nergy transfer operations窶: Distributed properly.
Class on 窶廚hemical reaction engineering窶: Required text is 窶廚hemical Reaction Engineering 3rd ed窶 by Levenspiel O. Wiley, 1999.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Chemical Engineering for Advanced Materials and Chemicals Processing II


Examination and / or Report for each Topics

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