Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering

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Ohtaguchi Kazuhisa  Okochi Mina  Nakasaki Kiyohiko 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

Advanced chemical reaction engineering is intended as a course for first-year graduate course in chemical engineering. One of the features that distinguishs chemical engineering is its interest in solving ill-structured problems that presents a dilemma for planning; how can one plan the route towards a solution if one knows so little about the path ahead, especially when one does not know the final destination or goal state. The problem descriptions lack a statement of a concrete and visualisable goal-state. The modeling process that is lectured in this course gives a better handle for ill-structured problems.
Keywords of this course are chemical kinetics, chemical and biological reactors, stability of reactor performance, heterogeneous reactions, catalyst reaction engineering, biological reaction engineering, peptide engineering and non-ideal flow reactors.

Purpose of lecture

Advanced chemical reaction engineering course is designed to give chemical engineering graduate students a deep understanding and detailed knowledge on chemical and biological reaction engineering.
Focus 1: Chemical kinetics
Focus 2: Stability of chemical reactor performance
Focus 3: Heterogeneous reactions
Focus 4: Catalyst reaction engineering
Focus 5: Biochemical reaction engineering
Focus 6: Non-ideal flow reactors

Plan of lecture

This course is lectured by Profs.Ohtaguchi, Okochi and Nakasaki
1. Modeling for chemical reactions#1(Chap 1.1-1.3) by Ohtaguchi
2. Modeling for chemical reactions#2(Chap 1.4-1.5) by Ohtaguchi
3. Modeling for chemical reactions#3(Chap 1.6) by Ohtaguchi
4. Stability of chemical reactions (Chap.2) by Ohtaguchi
5. Gas-liquid reactions (Chap.3) by Nakasaki
6. Solid-fluid reactions (Chap.4) by Nakasaki
7. Solid catalyzed reactions#1 (Chap.5) by Ohtaguchi
8. Solid catalyzed reactions#2 (Chap.5) by Ohtaguchi
9. Biological reactions (Chap.6.1-6.2) by Okochi
10. Biosensing (Chap.6.3,6.9) by Okochi
11. Production of antibiotics, monoclonal antibodies (Chap.6.8) by Okochi
12. Peptide engineering by Okochi
13. Bioreactor design, fermentation technology (Chap.6.4-6.6) by Nakasaki
14. Bioremediation (Chap.6.7) by Nakasaki
15. Non-ideal flow (Chap.7) by Ohtaguchi

Textbook and reference

蜿榊ソ懷キ・蟄ヲ隗」譫 (Japanese written on Chemical reaction engineering analysis)縲∝、ェ逕ー蜿」蜥御ケ邱ィ髮縲∵悃蛟画嶌蠎(2012)
Chemical reaction engineering, third edition, by Levenspiel,O., John Wiley & Sons(1999)

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Chemical reaction engineering 1 and 2


Evaluation is made by either examination, home-assignment or others. This course is composed of three sub-courses that are lectured by three professors. The professor assigned for each sub-course announces the evaluation of course works on the first day of each sub-course.

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