Life Cycle Engineering

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Fuchino Tetsuo 
Wed5-6(S4 202)  
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Fall Semester

Outline of lecture

To realize the sustainability in the chemical industry, activities through the lifecycles; plant lifecycle, product lifecycle, process lifecycle, should be designed to provide PCDA (Plan, Do, Check and Action) cycle properly, and the integrated information environment through the lifecycles is indispensable. In this class, the methodology to model the lifecycle activity is discussed, and on the basis of the model, the lifecycle safety management issue is considered.

Plan of lecture

1. Introduction (Lifecycle engineering perspective of chemical process industry)
2. Problems in lifecycle, -Case and causality
3. BPR (Business Process Reengineering) approach
4. Lifecycle activities of chemical process industry
5. Modeling lifecycle activities -Necessity and approach
6. Business model methodology: IDEF (Integrated Definition for Functional model) Family overview
7. IDEF0 modeling (Syntax, Template, Ontology)
8. IDEF0 modeling (Ontology)
9. IDEF0 modeling practice (I)
10. IDEF0 modeling practice (II)
11. IDEF0 modeling practice (III)
12. IDEF0 modeling practice (IV)
13. Integrated information environment design (Concept)
14. Integrated information environment design (Data Model)

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