Plasma and High Temperature Processing

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Suzuki Masaaki  Sekiguchi Hidetoshi 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

Characteristics of plasma chemistry, various plasma generation methods for chemistry and various applications of plasma technology to chemistry are lectured. Plasma generation methods include thermal equilibrium plasma; arc plasma, RF plasma microwave plasma and et al. and non equilibrium plasma; glow plasma, microwave plasma, DBD plasma, and atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma. Applications of plasma include application of high temperature heat source, organic and non organic synthesis, decomposition technology of various materials, separation technology et al. Also current topics in this field are given.

Plan of lecture

1. Introduction
2. Basics of heat transfer in high temperature
3. Basics of thermal plasmas (I)
4. Basics of thermal plasmas (II)
5. Numerical simulation of thermal plasmas
6. Thermal equilibrium
7. Thermal plasma processing -Material synthesis (I)-
8. Thermal plasma processing -Material synthesis (II)-
9. Thermal plasma processing -Separation-
10. Thermal plasma processing -Chemical synthesis-
11. Thermal plasma processing -Wastes treatment-
12. Basics of non-thermal plasma
13. Non-thermal plasma processing

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