Technical Communications for Engineers in Ceramic Field

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Cross Jeffrey Scott 
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Spring Semester

Outline of lecture

To provide an English language environment for learning technical English communication skills needed for research at the graduate student level.

Purpose of lecture

To learn basic technical English communication skills (writing and oral presentation) needed for research activities at the graduate student level. All lectures, class discussions (instructor-student, student-student) and homework are in English.
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Plan of lecture

1.Course introduction, technical communications questionnaire & survey
2.Basic introduction into English grammar and hearing skills drill
3.Writing a short research paper on your research topic for submittal to a journal
4.Preparation and discussion of research paper from the literature
5.Drafting letters of inquiry, e-mail requests, response, journal submittal
6.How to make a scientific oral presentation
7.Technical class oral presentation on own research topic (during class) or for new grad. students technical oral presentation on a published referred journal paper

Textbook and reference

Technical Writing and Professional Communications for Nonnative Speakers of English 2nd Ed. Thomas N. Huckin, McGraw-Hill, 2001, ISBN 0071126422

Longman: Dictionary of Contemporary English with CD, 4th Ed., Pearson Education Ltd, 2003, ISBN 0582776465

Related and/or prerequisite courses

Graduate student in Metallurgy or Ceramics courses. For exceptions please contact instructor


80% class participation, attendance, homework assignment, 20% Class oral presentation. No final exam , Late homework policy: 1/2 credit without excused absence.
縲 Note: penalty for speaking Japanese during class discussions

Comments from lecturer

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