Basic Biology A

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Hongoh Yuichi  Takahashi Masayuki 
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Spring Semester  /  Recommended semester:1

Outline of lecture

Introduction to biology

Purpose of lecture

My main objective is to show you the amazing way (complex but well organized) in which life is made, and how biologists study this complicated system.

Plan of lecture

1. Guidance and Introduction to Biology
2. Inheritance and gene, Mendel窶冱 work
3. Cell division, chromosomes and genes
4. Cell structure, cell function and protein
5. DNA and gene
6. DNA structure and DNA replication
7. Gene to protein (transcription and translation)
8. Regulation of gene expression
9. Cell differentiation, epigenetics and stem cells
10. Cancer and cell division
11. DNA repair
12. Evolution
13. Immune systems
14. Drug discovery
15. Review and future of biology

Textbook and reference

Open courses 窶廬ntroduction to Biology窶 of MIT

Related and/or prerequisite courses

No condition.
Knowledge about Biology is not required.


Examination at the end of semester

Comments from lecturer

Please, understand the lecture during the lecture (without translating it into Japanese). If you do not understand the lecture, interrupt me and ask for further explanation (you can even ask in Japanese).

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