Chemistry II

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Juhasz Gergely Miklos 
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Outline of lecture

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

This lecture introduces basic concepts of organic and inorganic chemistry, with mostrly from the viewpoint of structre-property relationshop and and chemical. The lecture assume only a minimal knowledge of Chemistry, and it is a useful introductory course to anyone who would like to understand basic Chemistry or Materials Sciences.

Purpose of lecture

The main goal of the coarse is to give a basic overview of various chemical concepts concepts and how they applied to different field of inorganic and organic chemistry.
Since the language of the coarse is English, it is also a good opportunity for students to get comfortable using English in a professional setting.

Plan of lecture

Basic concepts: quantum chemistry and thermodynamics
Structure of atoms and molecules: chemical bonds
Periodic table and trends
Basic redox and acid-base chemistry, HSAB theory
Metals and ionic crystals
Coordination Chemistry
Chemical bonding in organic compounds
Basic organic reaction types
Natural organic compounds
Organometallic Chemistry

Textbook and reference

Any stantard Organic and Inorganic Chemistry textbook can be used to follow the lectures.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

This lecture is equivalent to the Japanese version. The class requires only basic knowledge of Chemstry.


Primarily based on the results of homeworkds and exams.

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