Chemistry I

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Juhasz Gergely Miklos 
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Outline of lecture

This lecture introduces basic concepts like bonding and chemical reactions from the viewpoint of quantum mechanics, and briefly illustrate how they are applied in organic and inorganic chemistry. The lecture do assume only a minimal knowledge of Chemistry, and it is a useful introductory course to anyone who would like to understand basic Chemistry or Materials Sciences.


Purpose of lecture

The main goal of the coarse is to give a basic overview of various chemical concepts concepts.
Since the language of the coarse is English, it is also a good opportunity for students to get comfortable using English in a professional setting. Even if you are less confident in your language skills, feel free to join us: our goal is not to test your language skills, but to teach Chemistry.


Plan of lecture

The quantum in chemistry: why do we need quantum mechanics?
Schrodinger equation
Free particle and particle in a box
The H atom: orbitals, quantum numbers
Multi-electron atoms and periodic trends
Diatomic molecules
Covalent, ionic and metallic bonds
Spectroscopy and chemical reactions

Textbook and reference

The recommended reference is Physical Chemistry (Peter Atkins, Julio de Paula, available in English and Japanese).

Related and/or prerequisite courses

This lecture is equivalent to the Japanese version.


Primarily based on the results of quizzes, mid-term exam and final exam.

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