Exercise in Calculus II

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Brezina Jan 
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Fall Semester  /  Recommended semester:2

Outline of lecture

Exercise in Calculus II will continue from where Exercise in Calculus I ends and is to strengthen your skills of using mathematical methods and ideas to solve problems in Calculus.
This course is only for those taken Calculus II B (course no. 1081). Exercises here are to review what you have learned during the lectures.

Purpose of lecture

This course is to review and practice what you have learned during Calculus II B.

Plan of lecture

Follow the progress of Calculus II B.

Textbook and reference

You will have English handouts.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

You are required to register together with the course "Calculus II B (Course no. 1081)".
You can't only take "Exercise in Calculus II (Course no 1281)".
This course and Exercise in Linear Algebra II (course no. 1381) take turns on alternate Wednesday.


Based on the class attendance, results of tests and reports. Same as in spring semester. Details to be given at first class.

Comments from lecturer

The course will contain the same amount of mathematical knowledge as Japanese courses, but with the advantage of learning mathematical English.

Contact Information

Email : brezina.j.aaツシm.titech.ac.jp
Office : Room 219, Main Bldg., Ookayama

Office Hours

After an email contact. Details to be explained during first class.

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