Intermediate Visual Image Workshop

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Androniki Christodoulou  Hidano Noboru 
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Fall Semester  /  Recommended semester:4,6,8

Outline of lecture

In the Intermediate Visual/Documentary Photography Workshop, the students will be learning how to further develop their artistic sense and visual language by making conscious choices that will create their individual way to communicate their ideas and statements on a subject.

After the first guidance lessons, students will be requested to choose themes on which they will work on till the end of the workshop.
During lessons we will be studying photos by international documentary photographers via slideshows, in order to widen the students窶 perspective and to provide ideas and inspiration for working on their projects.

We will also be talking about different presentation ways in order to choose the most appropriate for presenting each project at the end of the workshop.

Students applying for this workshop are requested to have basic knowledge of photography and to own cameras, which preferably can also operate on a manual mode. Basic technical knowledge notes will be provided but we will not be spending much time talking about them in the class. Having basic knowledge of photo-editing software such as 窶廣dobe Photoshop窶 or 窶廣dobe Lightroom窶 would also be useful. Students can use their own computers or the computers provided by the university which will have 窶廣dobe Photoshop窶 and 窶廣dobe Bridge窶 installed on them. Students who lack technical knowledge will be assisted individually when there is available time during or after classes.

Purpose of lecture


Plan of lecture

Lesson 01 (1.5 : 1.5 ) (Monday 5th of October, 16:50-19.05)
Students should be advised in advance to bring samples of their photos so that I can see the level of their photographic skill. They can show me prints or they can give me some digital photos to look at via a memory stick, DVD, etc. They should show me maximum of 10 selected photos each.
Introduction to documentary photography and on what we will be doing during the workshop.
We will talk about the importance of developing an individual photographic language and how to decide on working on a project for the workshop.
I will present different photographic projects and explain the way photographers make decisions in order to work on them, the way they start, how they approach people and situations before they actually start taking photos.
Students will be requested to think deeply of what they would like to communicate through their photography and on which theme they would like to work on for their projects. The themes will have to relate to the students窶 interests and sensitivity and to communicate their ideas.
Examples of works by documentary photographers will be shown via a slideshow.

Lesson 02 ( 1.5 : 3 ) (Monday 19th of October, 16:50-19.05)
I will talk about different ways of working on a photo essay and I will especially focus on portraiture in documentary photography while looking at examples from international professional photographers窶 photos via slideshows. We will be examining ways of approaching photographic portraiture, ways of lighting and choices of locations.
Students will have to choose other students to be their models for next class窶冱 photo-shooting. They will also have to think of locations, props (objects, clothes, make-up, background, etc.) they might want to bring for photographing each model.
For the next class students can also work in groups so these groups will have to be decided during this class.
We will be discussing the students窶 project ideas and I will help to develop them. It will be best if students can decide their themes so that they can start working on them.

Lesson 03 ( 3 : 6 ) (Sunday 25th of October, 10:15-15:45)
Gathering at the university where I will demonstrate the use of continuous light (not flash light) for creating mood in portrait photography. We will be using LED lights for photography. We will also be testing the use of props.
If some students have their own external flash units, they are welcomed to bring them so that we can talk about creative ways to use them.
Students will photograph the model of their choice by using those lights under my guidance.
The goal for each group of students will be to make portraits that will express the model窶冱 personality, Each student in the group will have to take photos and also assist with the lighting.
After this lesson, the LED lights will be available to students to borrow for working on their projects.
I will also be giving advice on how to proceed with the student窶冱 projects.
(There will be one-hour lunch break but the exact time will be decided on the day)

Lesson 04 ( 1.5 : 7.5 ) (Monday 2nd of November, 16:50-19.05)
We will be discussing the previous lesson窶冱/photo-shooting窶冱 experience.
I will present slideshows with photographic projects by international professional photographers and I will be analyzing their approach to their subjects. The projects will be selected in relation to the themes the students have selected for their projects.
We will look and comment on the pictures that the students produced in relation to their projects.

Lesson 05 ( 1.5 : 9 ) (Monday 9th of November, 16:50-19.05)
We will look and comment on the pictures that the students produced in relation to their projects. I will advise them on how to proceed.
I will talk about photography and its relation to memory and reality.
I will present slideshows with photographic projects by international professional photographers and I will be analyzing their approach to their subjects.

Lesson 06 ( 3 : 12 ) (Saturday 14th of November, 10:00-15:30)
We will look and comment on the pictures that the students produced in relation to their projects. I will advise them on how to proceed.
I will present slideshows with photos by international professional photographers and we will talk about the way the decided to present their projects.
Final selection of pictures that the students produced in relation to their projects. Creation of a sequence of photos for each project. The students will also have to prepare text that will accompany their projects.
We will decide on ways of presentation and how we will get organized for the next class, which will be the final one.
Preparation of the photos for printing and introducing to how to use the university printer.
During the coming weeks, the students will have to book the university printer and print photos for the final presentation. Students will work in groups and will have to assist eachother for the printing.

Lesson 07( 3 : 15 ) (Saturday 28th of November, 10:00-15:30)
Working with the students on the presentation of their projects. Setting up a photo-exhibition of selected photos from their finished projects. Preparation of other ways of presentation that have been decided in the previous class (for example: Printing of photo books on which we will apply simple binding, creation of slideshows with music etc.)
(There will be one-hour lunch break but the time will be decided on the day)

Textbook and reference


Related and/or prerequisite courses

Photocopies with technical information on composition, samples of photos and on a basic guide to producing a documentary project will be provided to the students in the first lesson. More notes will be provided before or at following lessons which require a theoretical background.


Your grade for the course will be based on your participation in our class meetings and the work you produce for the classes. This, however, requires that you attend class regularly and also that you be prepared for class by doing any required research, shooting the required pictures and selecting the images to view in the class in advance. These you can bring on a CD/DVD or a memory card. 70% of your course grade will come from the effort you will put and the quality of work that you will be able to produce.

Comments from lecturer

INSTRUCTOR: Photographer Androniki Christodoulou, a Tokyo-based professional photographer who is mainly documenting life in Japan and Japanese culture. Her work is published in international magazines and newspapers.
PRESENTATION: Digital presentations/projections with photos by international professional photographers will be presented in the class.
COMMUNICATION: Because of the limited time of this workshop and for making the most out of it, it is important that the students bring their work at the class for commenting regularly.


Please try your best to attend the guidance on the 7th of Oct .12:20-13:00 , at W933)

繧ャ繧、繝繝ウ繧ケシ域律譎ゑシ10譛7譌・シ域ーエシ12:20-13:00 蝣エ謇シ夊・ソ9蜿キ鬢ィW933シ峨↓蠢縺壼コ蟶ュ縺励※縺上□縺輔>縲

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