Advanced Art Making Seminar

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Susanne Meyer  Hidano Noboru 
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Fall Semester  /  Recommended semester:4,6,8

Outline of lecture

In this course the students can experience individual and collective art making for a specific purpose - the stage design for dance-theater which will be performed at 20th of January 2016. In this public performance three courses of the CSWC will collaborate 窶 the dance-theater-course of Ito Naoko sensei, the sound-creation course of Suenaga Tadashi sensei and the Advanced Art Making Seminar.

After a short introduction into stage-design, we will work on concrete three-dimensional objects and the design of space, in individual and group work, parallely to and in ongoing communication with the other two courses. Eligible students should have joined already a Modern Art Course A or B or the Advanced Art Course A or B.

Purpose of lecture

The students have the chance to gain deep knowledge about stage decoration, the creative developing of ideas and the using of diverse materials within a concept of space. They can join the exciting experience of learning about and producing a three-dimensional design which will be a fundamental part of a complex and vivid public performance.

Plan of lecture

The call will meet at Dec.9/ 16 / 23 and Jan. 6 / 13 / 20

Textbook and reference


Related and/or prerequisite courses

Advanced Art Workshop A,B縲∫樟莉」繧「繝シ繝医Ρ繝シ繧ッ繧キ繝ァ繝繝輸,B縺ョ
蠢縺壹ぎ繧、繝繝ウ繧ケ縺ォ蜃コ蟶ュ縺励※荳九&縺縲(10譛7譌・(豌エ)12:20ス13:00 シ隘ソ9蜿キ鬢ィ W933)
Please try your best to attend a guidance on the 7th of Oct.@W933


The regular attendance, diligence and the artworks will be graded

Comments from lecturer

The language of the course is English and Japanese.縲譌・譛ャ隱槭→闍ア隱槭ョ荳。譁ケ縺ァ隰帷セゥ繧定。後>縺セ縺吶

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