Advanced Art Workshop A

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Susanne Meyer  Hidano Noboru 
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Spring Semester  /  Recommended semester:3,5,7

Outline of lecture

What is the role of the MATERIALS in the arts? Why do artists choose a certain material? Is it just an esthetic or convenient choice or is the motivation for the choice more complex? In the Advanced Art Course A I will introduce specific materials used in the three-dimensional art (such as plastic, glass, metal, earth and so on) with a main focus on contemporary Western and Asian artists. After the introductive morning lecture with a host of inspiring visual materials and essential background informations, the students will experiment with diverse materials and techniques, learning how to express themselves in three dimensional artworks, such as sculptural objects and space models.Each week the new results will be presented and discussed within the group. The course will also include the experience of a group making process.

Purpose of lecture

The students will expand their knowledge about important artworks, tendencies in the arts and their complex background. They will achieve advanced knowledge in practising the arts, expressing themselves in diverse materials and techniques and will gain unexpected views on the specific character of materials and their creative use.

Plan of lecture

The class meets on four Saturdays, from 10.30 - 17.30 (lunchbreak included)
May 30, June 6, 13, 20

May 30
"Plastic and More"
The works of the British artist Tony Cragg
In the workshop the students will produce reliefs and objects using plastic and other materials

June 6
"Metall, Glass, Soap"
The installation-works of the Lebanese Artist Mona Hatoum
In the workshop the students will create a three-dimensional space with objects

June 13
"Old Material? New Material?"
The works of the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei
In the workshop the students will produce an object of ceramics and others

June 20
"Cosmic Light"
The light-objects of the American Artist James Turrell.
In the workshop the students will build a light-object

Textbook and reference


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The regular attendance of lecture and workshop, the participation, diligence and the artworks will be graded

Comments from lecturer

The language of the course will be English and also Japanese



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