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Tilma Todd 
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Guidance for Physics (English Class) 2014 Fall Semester (11蛻) 

Outline of lecture

In this class you will learn about electromagnetic fields, including electrostatics and magnetostatics, EM waves, and even a bit of relativity (if we have time). You will also learn some of the mathematical techniques of importance to physics. In short, you are going to be introduced to the way physics is really done by physicists!

Purpose of lecture

Now, as one of my professors used to say, "my duty is to help you learn and your duty is to learn." So with that in mind, my plan is as follows. I am going to cover the text, following the below schedule (as well as assign homework and exams) to the best of my ability. Your duties include studying the text and handouts, reading other texts as necessary, working with other in the class, doing homework, and taking exams. I assign lots of homework (in relative terms), and you should work together to complete it. However, what you submit must be in your own words and using your own ideas. My exams are challenging but doable; if you have done all the homework as well as worked through the problems in the textbook, you should be able to pass. However, you are expected to attend class (and be prepared!) and to participate: One of your main duties is to ask questions. If you do not come and do not participate, you will not be able to succeed. It is your choice.

Plan of lecture

Hand out and go through syllabus
Mechanics Baseline Test
Force Concept Inventory Test
Assign first homework set

Lecture 1
Pages 1-11 (Electric Charge; Coulombs Law; Electric Fields)
Homework test one
Assign second homework set

Lecture 2
Pages 11-25 (Electric Fields from Gauss Law)
Homework test two
Assign third homework set

Lecture 3
Pages 26-38 (Electric Potential)
Homework test three
Assign fourth homework set

Lecture 4
Pages 39-51 (Conductors and Electric Fields; Capacitance)
Homework test four
Assign fifth homework set

Lecture 5
Pages 52-57 (Electric Energy)
Homework test five
Assign sixth homework set

Lecture 6
Pages 65-76 (Current; Force Due to Current; Magnetic Flux Density)
Homework test six
Assign seventh homework set
Homework sets 1-6 due

Lecture 7
Pages 77-87 (Magnetic Moment; the Biot-Savart Law)
Homework test seven

Take home mid-term

Lecture 8
Pages 87-97 (Magnetic Flux Density from Gauss Law; Amperes Law)
Homework test eight
Assign eighth homework set

Lecture 9
Review of take home mid-term
Homework test nine
Assign ninth homework set

Lecture 10
Pages 106 窶 114 (Electromagnetic Induction; Induced Electric Fields)
Homework test ten
Assign tenth homework set
Homework sets 7 窶 9 due

Lecture 11
Pages 114 窶 123 (Self and Mutual Inductance; Magnetic Energy in Coils; Displacement Current)
Homework test eleven
Assign eleventh homework set

Lecture 12
Pages 124 窶 133 (Maxwells Equations; Electromagnetic Waves; Energy in Electromagnetic Waves)
Homework test twelve
Assign twelfth homework set

Lecture 13
Special Lecture - Relativity and E&M
Homework test thirteen
Assign thirteenth homework set

Lecture 14
Review for Final Exam
Homework sets 10 窶 13 due

Textbook and reference

Textbook : 髮サ逎∵ー怜ュヲ - 逕ー荳ュ遘謨ー縲闡

Reference Books :
"Classical Electrodynamics" by Jackson
"Electricity and Magnetism" by Purcell
"Introduction to Electrodynamics" by Griffiths

Related and/or prerequisite courses



10pts - Weekly homework (due at the end of each chapter)
15pts - Weekly tests (questions from weekly homework and text book)
25pts - Take home mid-term exam
50pts - Final exam

Total : 100 points

Comments from lecturer

My office is in the main building, room 122A and I welcome your questions, comments, and complaints. Please come by either during office hours or make an appointment.

Contact Information


Office Hours

Monday - Periods 3 and 4 (Open door policy)
Wednesday - Periods 5 and 6 (Open door policy)
Monday thru Friday - Periods 9 and 10 (By appointment only)


If you have any question about the material in the class that you'd like to ask in Japanese, please contact the following TAs:
Groups I, II, and VII - Kojima-sensei (kojima.sツシ,
Groups III, IV, and VI - Ota-sensei (a.otaツシ,
Group V - Yasui-sensei (yasuisツシ
These are three excellent teaching assistants who can help you with both the Physics and English.

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