Linear Algebra II-B

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Brezina Jan 
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Fall Semester  /  Recommended semester:2
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Guidance for Mathematics (English Class) 2014 Fall Semester (11蛻) 

Outline of lecture

Linear Algebra II B is the continuation of Linear Algebra I. It focuses on explanation of rigorous theory behind the calculations presented in Linear Algebra I.

Purpose of lecture

To develop and strengthen the understanding of what was explained in Linear Algebra I course.

Plan of lecture

1. Vector space, subspace, linear transformation, linear combination
2. Linear independence of vectors, basis, dimension
3. Inner product, norm, Schwartz inequality
4. Orthonormal basis, Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization
5. Unitary matrices, orthogonal matrices
6. Existence of a basis, transformation of basis
7. Matrix representation of linear mappings
8. Eigenvalue, eigenvector, eigenspace, characteristic function
9. Diagonalization of square matrices

Textbook and reference

Japanese textbook - 謨咎、翫ョ邱壼ス「莉」謨ー縲by Murakami Masayasu, Baifukan Co., Ltd
You will have English handouts.

Recommend to read "Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction" by David Poole, 3rd or newer edition. Not required to buy.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

You are required to register together with the course "Exercise in Linear Algebra II (Course no. 1381)".
You can't only take "Linear Algebra II B (Course no. 1181)".


Based on the results of tests, mid-term exam and final exam. Details to be explained during first class.

Comments from lecturer

The course will contain the same amount of mathematical knowledge as Japanese courses, but with the advantage of learning mathematical English.

Contact Information

Email : brezina.j.aaツシ
Office : Room 219, Main Bldg., Ookayama

Office Hours

After an email contact. Details to be explained during first class.

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