Calculus II-B

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Brezina Jan 
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Fall Semester  /  Recommended semester:2
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Guidance for Mathematics (English Class) 2014 Fall Semester (11蛻) 

Outline of lecture

Calculus II B is a continuation of Calculus I. The computation and objects introduced formally in Calculus I are explained in rigorous way and logical proves are given.

Purpose of lecture

To develop and strengthen the understanding of what you have learned in Calculus I by introducing rigorous methods and proofs.

Plan of lecture

1. Convergence and divergences of a sequence of points
2. Limit and Continuity of functions
3. Continuity of real numbers
4. Uniform convergence of a sequence of functions
5. Changing the order of differentiation and integral
6. Infinite series
7. Series of functions
8. Critical points, maximum and minimum of functions of two or more variables
9. Taylor's expansion, Taylor series

Textbook and reference

Japanese textbook - 蠕ョ蛻遨榊隰帷セゥ by Mimachi Katsuhisa, Nippon Hyoron Sha Co.,Ltd.
You will have English handouts.

Related and/or prerequisite courses

You are required to register together with the course "Exercise in Calculus II (Course no. 1281)".
You can't only take "Calculus II B (Course no. 1081)".


Based on the results of tests, mid-term exam and final exam. Details to be explained on first lecture.

Comments from lecturer

The course will contain the same amount of mathematical knowledge as Japanese courses, but with the advantage of learning mathematical English.

Contact Information

Email : brezina.j.aaツシ
Office : Room 219, Main Bldg., Ookayama

Office Hours

After an email contact. Details to be explained during first class.

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